Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm larger than life!

Alors... If I had to fit my personality into this little box, not even a millionth of it would. I'm a larger-than-life kind of girl, whose hobbies proudly include laughing, and making others feel warm and fuzzy. I love being outside, and working out, but you will not find me running a marathon... Get me on the dancefloor though, and it's a completely different story ;) I saw she got pimped site the other day, good stuff! I know what I want from life, and I don't really want to compromise that. I look for a guy that is intelligent, and can talk about more than getting drunk and smoking up. Men harp about girls being shallow, but I've met the equivalents of Paris Hilton in the male population; so please have something interesting to say! Physical attraction is up on my list too, as is sense of humour, and having ambition.
That's about it... don't have any expectations from this, so lo que sera, sera!